Stubborn Fat

Over the next few months, I’m going to be giving you a taste of my new book. Let’s start with an intro into Stubborn Fat and the power of hormones that influence fat patterning


That fat that governs out body shape and is seemingly resistant to diet and exercise

A young girl was involved in an accident and her arm was badly burned on her hand and lower arm. She needed skin grafts so the doctor used skin from her upper thigh to repair the damage to her forearm.  Thirty years later and the lady needed liposuction to remove fat from her forearm!  Hormones have an incredibly strong influence on our fat patterning and in this case, even after so many decades, the thigh tissue responded as thigh tissue often does.

There is an enzyme (LPL) which drags fat from the blood into storage, when this enzyme is active we tend to gain weight in that area. Estrogen and testosterone inhibit LPL activity in the midsection. When we approach and enter midlife our sex hormones start to drop, their power over LPL declines. LPL activity ramps up and we store more fat around our mid body aka middle aged spread.

There is something else that accelerates LPL activity – restrictive dieting!

The traditional very low calories diets (VLCD) that lasts months and if often repeated will trigger LPL activity once the diet ends (which they always do)

It makes good sense that the body would go into a storage frenzy and LPL is one way it can do this very effectively



This is a taste of what the books about. There is a lot more to weight loss than calories and hours on the treadmill.

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After (too) many years my book is finished and due to be released September 1.

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Whats the book about?

You wont find a diet or meal plan in the book, but I promise by the end, you will know how to lose weight and keep it off!  The editor lost 12lb while working on it!






.. know what influences your body weight and shape so that you can live lean for a lifetime

Explaining Mid Life weight gain and how to combat it.

Do not let your age dictate your wardrobe!

Anyone over the age of 35 knows there is more to losing weight than continually restricting calories or adding hours of cardio to an already busy week.

That is not to say that food intake and exercise aren’t important, but there are some very powerful regulators that will dictate whether your diligence works or not.

If you want to take control of your body, if you have a curious mind, want to be free of frustration and if you are a parent and want to guide your kids to save them from that same frustration – then this is the book for you.

It is not a diet book and you won’t find any meal plans, but by reading this book you will know how to lose weight and control your body shape – at any age.

If there’s one thing I think I’m good at it is taking dry bland, dry information and turning it into something exciting, relevant and helpful.

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Body composition has been my gig since I was a teenager. I first stepped on stage at 17 years of age and by the time I hit 30 I had done at least 40 diets.

For me it wasn’t just about weight loss, it was about body composition. I’ve worked to gain 50lb of muscle and then I worked to lose about half of it. I’ve rebounded from diets and I’ve taken my body fat to single digits numerous times.

I’ve lived in 3 countries and competed at the highest level in the worlds craziest sport. I worked in Golds Gym Venice for 24 years, which truly is the greatest show on earth and have trained celebrities, tons of competitors and hundreds of awesome clients.

In my 51 years I am continuing to master my own changing body and I continue to coach clients and mentor other coaches.

I’m the sort of person that hates being told what to do.  I would much rather figure out the answer than simply be told the solution, and I think that quite a few of you feel the same way.

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