Adding miles to the clock is exhausting, but is you age also making you a little crazy? Here is a 3 minute video excerpt from my book about midlife weight gain and how to beat it “When Calories and Cardio Dont Cut It” 

I hope you find it infomative with a splash of english humo(u)r thrown in.


Estrogen also inhibits the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. When estrogen declines cortisol levels rise, this can increase blood sugar, blood pressure and for some unfortunate women it can lead to mild to severe panic attacks. Furthermore, estrogen has a role in regulating the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a mood neurotransmitter, and estrogen helps prevent its reuptake; when estrogen declines unstable moods ensue, causing episodes of anxiety and panic.

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 We all know that lady who, in her younger years, could have taken on the world. She was ambitious, confident, a go-getter, a life shaker, but who, in her later years, became uncertain, anxious, fragile and depressed.

The majority of women (80%) suffer to some degree with:

  1. Sleep disturbances
  2. Anxiety
  3. Moodiness
  4. Depression
  5. Skin changes
  6. Reduced libido
  7. Hot flashes

Men don’t get a pass either. Men get grumpy while women get scared; not the dream scenario for aging with your partner. Guys if your lady is becoming a little annoying, please know that are you too.

We all know that guy that in his younger years was cheerful, full of fun and curiosity but in his later years became grumpy, opinionated, argumentative and fatalistic?

It’s easy to point a critical finger at the ladies, but you guys can become tough to be around. Your need to be right only intensifies as you become more emotional with the passing years. Testosterone is converted into estrogen and as men age this conversion increases. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts androgens (testosterone) to estrogens. This enzyme can be found all over the body, and it becomes more active with age, obesity, insulin and excessive alcohol intake.


Yes, men do have a female side, and it is not just puppies and chick flicks that bring it to the surface. Estradiol is the estrogen in men that mainly comes from the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. As men get older, the production of testosterone decreases yet the conversion of the hormones continues, especially in fatty tissue.

As men get older their male hormone drops while their estradiol levels remain high. This is due to the increased activity of that aromatase enzyme that happily converts testosterone to estrogen, and the process is enhanced by the increase of fat associated with age.

Fat releases and stores hormones, and abdominal fat produces estrogen which then enters a man’s bloodstream.

How do you know if this is happening to you or your man? Their emotional disposition might be the giveaway but also feeling constantly tired, losing muscle, gaining fat on the chest and, of course, that expanding waistline.

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