It’s December 20th so I thought I should be accountable and check my body fat percentage. I have the good old fashioned calipers but I prefer to use the Ultrasound Bodymetrix.
The ultrasound device measures body fat under the skin and in the muscle – calipers only measure what is under the skin and a lot of females hold there fat in the muscles of there butt and thighs.

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This year was quite eventful and I wasn’t too sure how my numbers would look. I turned 50 in April, I  left Golds Gym Venice (my home for 24 years), we bought an incredible home in Eagle Idaho, I had major surgery and entered menopause! For the first time in my life, I lost muscle! I am one of the fortunate women who can build muscle pretty easily but the surgery stripped some of it away and  I’m still fighting to get it back. The scale has me 7lb down and I was pretty sure that was 7lb of muscle 🙁

I came in at 12.4% at 143lb but what I really wanted to do was compare it to last year. The software that comes with the ultrasound technology allows me to keep track of all my measurements

Body fat percentage, lean weight, and fat in pounds

I knew I’d lost muscle but thankfully it looks like I did not gain fat. When I compared myself to November of 2016 I have pretty much stayed the same (re fat) is all areas, except for my abdominal area which has dropped dramatically!

Due to everything going on this year I’ve done very little cardio. I’ve never done a huge amount with 3x a week being about average. This year total cardio session have been less than 30 TOTAL. It’s known that an excess of activity up-regulates our appetite as the body recognizes the expenditure, I think there is a lot of truth to that as my appetite has been noticeably lower.

measurements for hips, arms and thighs pretty much the same but my abdominal measurement fell dramatically

My reduced appetite has made fasting easier. I’ve been using Intermittent fasting (IF) for several years now, nothing extreme, mainly 80-22 hour fasts. It was actually my brother and sister in law who got me interested in IF. I watched them drop over 100lb between them. At that point IF was huge in Europe but hadn’t yet jumped the pond.

I’ve been a very low fat/ high fat eater for a long time and I think when that has been combined with some IF it has allowed me to hold my ground this year and not put on fat despite health issues and menopause.

So let’s see what 2018 brings. I’ve started a very conservative HRT protocol and my workouts are back on track.

If you’re in the Boise area come and check your numbers, if you’re in LA I’ll be back next year! 


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