How Dandelion Works For Water Retention


We focus so much on body fat but water weight feels worse and can cause our body to fluctuate in weight by as much as 8%

I weigh about 145 so that’s an extra 11 lb I can add quite easily to my frame. A gallon of water weighs 7lb and you can visualize how large a gallon of water is.

Excess sodium, lack of sleep, stress, medications, digestion, processed and high sodium foods can all add instant inches but so too can our changing hormones.

Excess fluid can lead to high blood pressure and prescription diuretics are often used to eliminate the excess water.  If you think of your blood like water going through a garden hose, if you suddenly have a lot more blood there is going to be more pressure placed on the hose. For higher pressure, we need stronger more rigid hoses and that’s one of the issues with high blood pressure, our arterial walls change.


I know I’ve been using dandelion for over 20 years because I remember using it for one of my Ms Olympia outings back in 1995 or 1996. It works by increasing the volume of your urine and by expelling excess sodium. Getting rid of that sodium was key the few days before competition because sodium holds water under the skin (and in the blood)

Dandelion leaf is mainly used for is diuretic effect and dandelion root for its mild laxative effect, I use both but I only ever use the teas. Dandelion also comes in pill form but I find the teas revolting to taste, but they work far better than the pill form.

In this video I am going to explain a little more about dandelion and a couple of other natural diuretics.

One word of caution. Dandelion can shorten the time a medication stays in your body so if you are taking any medication you must consult with your doctor before using this tea. People often think of natural solutions as weaker but this is no the case and some studies have show dandelion to be as effective as lasix for edema and general fluid retention



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