How To Avoid Temptation

I love numbers, so I really love all the fitness gadgets that are out there. From the Fitbit to all the apps we have available to us, we really don’t have to leave anything up to guesswork anymore.

I’ve been helping people lose fat and/or gain muscle for 25 years and I can talk and explain until I’m blue in the face but there’s one gadget that clears all the confusion and answers a lot of questions.

How to avoid temptation and stay on point with your diet nutrition on point


A blood glucose meter measures the amount of carbohydrates (aka sugar) in your blood. If the number is too high then the excess sugar will block the release of stored bodyfat.

The body has two main fuel sources, carbohydrates (sugar) and fat (dietary and bodyfat) we really dont want high levels of sugar in the blood so when that happens the hormone insulin traps fat in its storage location (ie you belly, hips, thighs etc) so that no other fuel is available and the excess sugar has to be used or stored away.

Every single weight loss diet is trying to control blood sugar and insulin, they can slap any label on the product but this is what they are ultimately trying to do if the goal is weight loss.


Eating is fun, it makes us happy. It’s the heated conversation we have in our own heads as to why we should and why we shouldn’t eat our favorite foods.

  1.  You’ve been good all week, you deserve pizza
  2.  You did cardio every day, you deserve pasta
  3.  It would be rude not to (OMG)

We have any number of good reasons to fall into temptation and fall off a diet. As a nutrition coach this used to be a major obstacle.

What keeps most people on a diet is willpower combined with a really huge WHY.  Losing weight for a pool party and losing weight following heart surgery are two very different motivators. Willpower will match the desire to a point but willpower is very much like a muscle and it tires and fatigues. On average willpower lasted 3 weeks – sound familiar?

I provided my clients with documents and videos, I wrote and presented weight loss seminars and asked them to journal daily. Knowing something and having someone breathing down your neck definitely helps you keep on track but I couldn’t be there at dinner with my clients, I couldn’t steer their car away from every drive through. We’re all human, we get frustrated, we get tired, we lose sight of the prize and temptation is right there waiting for us, in the form of a dessert or cocktail.


In about 2005 as well as explaining blood sugar I started testing it and soon after every new client left my office with the pocket-sized device. Initially, I asked clients not to change anything but to test their blood sugar 30 minutes after a meal and to let me know anytime the number went over 140. The emails and texts soon followed.

Frank … OMG Joanne, I thought I was making such a great choice with chicken sliders – 195

Juliette ..  WT% my green juice 178

Terry .. Champagne took me to 165

I guarantee Frank will never order those sliders again and I know Julliette changed that green juice.

Sometimes its hard to relate what we put in our mouths to our body weight so what the blood glucose/sugar meter does is it makes it all very real. More importantly, people make better choices all by themselves.

blood glucose testing


I usually ask clients not to eat for 90 minutes before our first appointment. If I am meeting them in person I will be checking their Metabolic rate and it’s more accurate on an empty stomach. If I check their blood sugar and the reading is high (say above 150) then it tells me that we might have other issues going on and weight loss might take a while.

A reading south of 100 first thing in the morning and a reading not higher than 120 post meals is a good place to start and easily attainable in a healthy individual. If then we move to a lower carbohydrate diet and higher fat we might push to keep the blood glucose reading under 100.

The power of the reading is two fold

  1. It stops a lot of wasted conversations. People love to justify why they need to eat something. Go right ahead, just let me know the reading.
  2. It’s a real kick when you see a great number show up. It motivates and keeps people on track.

The reading may also illustrate the power of non-food issues on your weight. Stress and sleep have a direct impact on blood glucose.

I don’t hear of most weight loss coaches checking blood sugar and I do wonder why. Maybe they feel it is too much to explain or that a client would not be interested. From experience, I can tell you it really ignites peoples interest in the process. Watching the penny drop as a person connects their eating to their health thrills me every time and even in a years time, when they cant, remember my name, I know they will remember that reading.

You can purchase a blood glucose meter at most pharmacies or BUY HERE













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