When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut It

Here’s another taster from my book “When Calories & Cardio Don’t Cut It”

For those of you, over (say) 40 and are having a hard time losing weight ….

To lose weight we have to liberate fat from its storage site. Fat that clings on our body has to be broken down into individual units so that it can enter the blood and be used as fuel. That breakdown of the fat cell is called “Lipolysis” and every “diet” has to do it.

Fat cant evaporate from where it is stored, it has to be broken down and it has to be transported. Lipolysis is that breakdown of the fat cell.

Lipolysis is a chain of reaction (a series of hormones and enzymes) but picture it as a row of dominos. When one domino falls it knocks the one next to it and it falls …and so on. Remove one domino and the cascade will stop. Lipolysis is the same way.

The chain of reactions involved in fat cell breakdown is much like the dominos. One reaction occurs which triggers the next reaction and so on, at the end of the chain the fat has been liberated and can now go its merry way in the blood.

One of the reactions in Lipolysis involves an enzyme called HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase). As the name suggests it is an enzyme that is sensitive to hormones. If HSL activity is fast, the fat breakdown is fast. If HSL activity is slow, the fat breakdown is slow.

As we age our sex hormones drop. With women the dominant hormone is estrogen and with men it is testosterone.

When these hormones decline HSL activity slows.

Fat breakdown slows which makes weight loss a lot more challenging.

A common complaint is that it becomes harder to lose weight as we age – this is one of the reasons.

Remember too that chronic stress depletes our hormones. You’re never too young nor too old to benefit from stress management.

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