Women Handle Stress Better Than Men – Shocker!

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Every week I’m giving you a sample from the book, this week it’s about (what we already know) how women handle stress better than men – enjoy

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The “Flight or Fight” stress response is that sudden burst of energy, that extreme focus and increased bout of strength. It is well documented that this response is entirely different between men and women.

Traditionally, studies tended not to use women of child-rearing age, and nor is it deemed ethical to use children or babies. Research was therefore limited to how men react to stress. However, it has since been found that women under pressure tend to nurture and socialize rather than run or fight. Women are more likely to spend hours on the phone talking things out with a friend, or they might join a support group for people with similar stresses. The flight-or-fight response is seen much more in men, and it is men who get ill and die due to stress. That 50-year-old CEO who has a heart attack at his desk is, invariably, a man.

Women are capable of the fight-or-flight response, usually when the stress relates to protecting their children or a loved one, or a jealous rage. Mostly women release oxytocin, the bonding love hormone (Dr. Taylor), but you go after their family, and you better be ready! Increasingly, smart employers select women for jobs that are highly stressful because it is women, not men, who are most likely to come up with a calm and measured response to a stress situation, in which a man might overreact.

We all have the same stress hormones, although stress can produce different hormone profiles. Different types of stress will elicit different reactions, depending upon the individual. The extent of the response is partly due to your perception of the stress and how capable you feel dealing with it. For a classic example, performing on a stage is the stuff of nightmares for some people, a dream come true for others.


What you might notice is water retention; puffy eyes, a ring tight on your finger or you see deep sock lines when you undress at night. Under stress your body tries to conserve water, and you stop being able to pee because vasopressin/ADH has been released. The kidneys reabsorb water, so it doesn’t leave your body. This causes your body to swell and bloat, and your urine becomes a more concentrated orangey color.











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